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Covenant C2

1 minute read

In light of being advised to use Covenant during the Cybernetics pro labs from HTB and absolutely falling in love with it’s power, simplicity, and organisation I decided to type up some notes for myself regarding the installation and basic setup.

SDDL Security Descriptors

6 minute read

Some notes to myself to use as a reference guide and to gain a better understanding of the privileges and rights assigned to Windows services in the form of SDDL security descriptor strings.

Active Directory Security Checklist

1 minute read

I recently came across the Active Directory Pro blog post Top 25 Active Directory Security Best Practices. It’s a great read for anyone interested in AD security. I decided to type up the 25 points onto my blog so I could quickly reference them easily when required.

HackTheBox - Sniper

8 minute read

Sniper was a cool 30 point box created by MinatoTW and felamos. It started out with finding a parameter vulnerable to LFI which happened to also be vulnerable to RFI using our own custom Samba SMB server to host a web shell. You can then use some PowerShell to execute commands as chris to get user and subsequently a meterpreter shell on the box. Finally you had to create a malicious CHM file which when opened executes nc.exe sending you a shell and subsequently root.

HackTheBox - Forest

11 minute read

Forest was a fun 20 point box created by egre55 and mrb3n. It started out with enumerating users from SMB for use in a Kerberos AS-REP Roasting attack, you then crack the resulting hash and login via WinRM to get user. You then have to Invoke-BloodHound and abuse the privileges our user has to get root.