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Release: clovery

less than 1 minute read

Clovery is a Cloud Discovery tool written in Go. Based on a supplied wordlist it checks for open AWS, GCP, Alibaba, and Azure cloud storage and services.

HackTheBox - Json

12 minute read

Json was a fun 30 point box created by Cyb3rb0b. It started out by finding a Json.Net deserialization error which leads you to, you then create a JSON deserialization payload to get code execution and subsequently return a shell. You can then either find and decrypt credentials to login via FTP and get the flag, or you can get SYSTEM via Juicy Potato.

HackTheBox - RE

12 minute read

RE was a fun box created by 0xdf. It started out by creating an .ods document with a malicious macro that would execute once opened, returning a reverse shell which grants you the user flag. You then have to find and exploit a ZipSlip vulnerability in a .ps1 script, this allows you to escalate privileges to iis apppool\reblog. From here you binary plant a vulnerable service to get a NT AUTHORITY\SYSTEM shell and then impersonate an available token which allows you to get root.

HackTheBox - AI

6 minute read

AI was an interesting 30 point box created by MrR3boot . It started out by finding a wav file upload and using it to get SQL Injection. SQLi then allows you to dump SSH credentials which you use to log in and get user. You then have to abuse a Java/Tomcat/JDWP root process with some Java calls and jdb to get code execution and return a reverse shell to get root.

HackTheBox - Player

13 minute read

Player was a fun 40 point box created by MrR3boot . It started out with heavy vhost enumeration which leads you to some backup file artifacts that expose an access code and passphrase, we then use the code and passphrase to generate a JWT and access an avi file upload application. An avi file exploit is then used to read sensitive files and get SSH credentials for an XAUTH SSH exploit with which you can read local files to get user.

HackTheBox - Bitlab

11 minute read

Bitlab was an interesting 30 point box created by Frey and thek. It started out with finding and decoding some hex encoded JavaScript to get credentials for a GitLab instance, then taking advantage of two repos with web hooks to get code execution and a shell as www-data. We then dump SSH credentials from a database using PHP and finally do some analysis of a Windows executable to get root credentials and log in to get root.