Posts Windows User Rights Assignment

Windows User Rights Assignment

Table of reference for Windows user rights assignment.

User Rights Assignment

Constant NameGroup Policy Setting
SeTrustedCredManAccessPrivilegeAccess Credential Manager as a trusted caller
SeNetworkLogonRightAccess this computer from the network
SeTcbPrivilegeAct as part of the operating system
SeMachineAccountPrivilegeAdd workstations to domain
SeIncreaseQuotaPrivilegeAdjust memory quotas for a process
SeInteractiveLogonRightAllow log on locally
SeRemoteInteractiveLogonRightAllow log on through Remote Desktop Services
SeBackupPrivilegeBack up files and directories
SeChangeNotifyPrivilegeBypass traverse checking
SeSystemtimePrivilegeChange the system time
SeTimeZonePrivilegeChange the time zone
SeCreatePagefilePrivilegeCreate a pagefile
SeCreateTokenPrivilegeCreate a token object
SeCreateGlobalPrivilegeCreate global objects
SeCreatePermanentPrivilegeCreate permanent shared objects
SeCreateSymbolicLinkPrivilegeCreate symbolic links
SeDebugPrivilegeDebug programs
SeDenyNetworkLogonRightDeny access to this computer from the network
SeDenyBatchLogonRightDeny log on as a batch job
SeDenyServiceLogonRightDeny log on as a service
SeDenyInteractiveLogonRightDeny log on locally
SeDenyRemoteInteractiveLogonRightDeny log on through Remote Desktop Services
SeEnableDelegationPrivilegeEnable computer and user accounts to be trusted for delegation
SeRemoteShutdownPrivilegeForce shutdown from a remote system
SeAuditPrivilegeGenerate security audits
SeImpersonatePrivilegeImpersonate a client after authentication
SeIncreaseWorkingSetPrivilegeIncrease a process working set
SeIncreaseBasePriorityPrivilegeIncrease scheduling priority
SeLoadDriverPrivilegeLoad and unload device drivers
SeLockMemoryPrivilegeLock pages in memory
SeBatchLogonRightLog on as a batch job
SeServiceLogonRightLog on as a service
SeSecurityPrivilegeManage auditing and security log
SeRelabelPrivilegeModify an object label
SeSystemEnvironmentPrivilegeModify firmware environment values
SeManageVolumePrivilegePerform volume maintenance tasks
SeProfileSingleProcessPrivilegeProfile single process
SeSystemProfilePrivilegeProfile system performance
SeUndockPrivilegeRemove computer from docking station
SeAssignPrimaryTokenPrivilegeReplace a process level token
SeRestorePrivilegeRestore files and directories
SeShutdownPrivilegeShut down the system
SeSyncAgentPrivilegeSynchronize directory service data
SeTakeOwnershipPrivilegeTake ownership of files or other objects
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